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White Paper: "Beyond a Perception of Security"

As our neighborhoods, cities, schools, office buildings, and our county seek to get past just the perception of security and have a higher quality of safety, it will be the result of educating people how to identify those around them with a violent intent.

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Provides The Foundation

The paper provides a framework for behavioral analysis that can be used to recognize threats proactively as well as the science behind those observations and assessments. 

Benefits Of The Approach

Applying a behavioral approach to recognizing threats allows an organization to get left of bang and create a focus of violence-prevention, instead of simply reacting to violence once it has begun.

Paper: Tactical Behavioral Profiling For Texas Peace Officers

Written by a patrol lieutenant with the Cleburne Police Department in Texas, this paper highlights the risks of not including behavioral analysis education into an officer's entry-level training, and what it will cost to prepare our officers to ensure their own safety while serving their communities.

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The Problem

Despite the rising threat to police officers, training about pre-event indicators is all done "on-the-job" and through elective coursework, not in a structured or systematic way.

A Look At The Costs

The report includes an analysis of the associated costs of including situation analysis training into entry-level and in-service training, as well as the arguments against including it.

Report: "War in 140 Characters"

On November 14th, 2012, Israel announced the initiation of a widespread campaign attacking terror sites in the Gaza Strip on Twitter. The ensuing 310 tweets provided one of the first case studies in the use of social media by a national government during conflict.

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A Look at Country Image

An analysis of the content used by the Israeli Defense Forces to shape the perception of the country while conducting offensive operations.

Considerations For Future Use

Includes a look at some of the factors to be considered in the pre-campaign planning for the execution of a social media strategy during hostilities.