Those that have been following this site or my company know that I’m a huge fan of Steven Pressfield.  He’s on our company’s list of “Advisors and Influencers,” his books The Warrior Ethos and Turning Pro are on our recommended reading list, he’s a former Marine, his philosophy is inspiring and humbling – “It is one thing to study war, and another to live the warrior’s life.”  That mantra has led to some absolutely incredible books.

Because of that, I couldn’t be more proud and honored that The CP Journal and Active Analysis are being featured in a series of posts on his site titled “What It Takes” that talks about how entrepreneurs, writers, artists and non-profits build awareness of their work when they aren’t already a household name.  The articles are written by Callie Oettinger, the founder of Oettinger and Associates, who coordinates the outreach for Steven Pressfield.  She has designed a series of articles around tangible steps that people can take to get the ball rolling to transition from an amateur to a professional.

Read The Series Here

Outreach, Part I: The Introduction

Outreach, Part II: Your Home Base