Thank you to everyone for the support at the start of 2016.  We often get asked to share some of our experiences from time to time and thought it would be helpful if we compiled some results from March and April as a way of saying thank you to those that have made behavioral analysis and enhanced situational awareness a larger part of their process.

Left of Bang Update:

In the months of March and April, Amazon received 29 reviews of the book.  Thank you to everyone who has let us know they have read the book and for those that have taken the time to review it for others.  We greatly appreciate your support.  While the majority of the reviews that came in through Amazon this month were five-star, we wanted to share the comments from this four-star review because we think it sets a great expectation for the book and how it can be applied to the civilian world.  Here are the comments from a verified purchaser:

“I love the concepts introduced in this book. It takes some ideas that have always been fairly intangible and nebulous and defines them well enough for day-to-day use. You don’t have to be in the Marines to get the full benefit of this book. The concepts work just as well at the mall or in a business meeting.  I highly recommend everyone buy, read, and practice what’s in this book. That said, things seemed to slow down through the last 1/3 of the book and it made it hard for me to finish. Much of the later part of the book is a rehash of earlier material shown in a different way, but I can’t stress enough just how important these skills are.”

You can check out more of the recent reviews by visiting Amazon directly.

CP Journal in the News:

As an organization, we were highlighted on a few websites that are viewed as valuable resources for many in our core client markets.

“Three Critical Steps to Improve Cyber Security”

While this doesn’t specifically mention us, we wanted to recognize Sheetal Shah for using the Left of Bang timeline and framework in the health sector as he outlined the need for a proactive approach to cyber security threats.  You can find the post here.

“Situational Awareness, Personal Responsibility, and Victim Blaming”

The website, recently referenced some of our writing and work on their website.  You can follow Alex on Twitter and you can also check out his site here.

“Conflict Management and Ethical Guardianship”

Following a recent one-hour webinar, we received a nice review with a few of the actionable steps that we outline for our clients.  Here is the link.

While we realize we can’t always recognize everyone that has sent us notes in our e-mail ( and on our twitter feed, we do want to take this time to thank everyone that has recognized the work that we are doing.

CP Journal Training 

With many people attending our in-person seminars and the broader reach of our online courses, we don’t always know where our clients officially operate, but we feel confident sharing that in the months of March and April we had the opportunity to train law enforcement officers, private security professionals, members of our military, and the general public based in the following states and countries:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • California
  • France
  • Indonesia

We also received several great end of course evaluations on our online learning programs.  We would like to share one review in particular that we appreciated:

The Tactical Behavioral Analysis course is very much relevant for the position that I am, serving in a senior security leadership role for a multinational company.  It enables me to apply the principles across a variety of spectrum such as Industrial Relations, Safety, Transportation, Community Affairs as well as Security.  Enrollment in this course is a must for all leaders within a company who are interested to manage risk and capture opportunities responsibly.” –Director of Security & Business Services, BP

CP Journal – On the Road

In March and April we were on the road a bit to work directly with our clients in-person.  While we are away we try to stay fairly active on our Instagram account. Here are some of the spots we had the chance to visit in March and April:

  • Oregon
  • Nebraska
  • Texas
  • New Mexico

As always, our primary goal is to continue to put our courses and content into the hands of the men and women that need it.  Please never hesitate to contact us directly if there is ever anything else we can be doing to better support you.