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Video Transcript and Written Explanation

In this video, we will explain how to access a course that you have purchased and navigate through the course’s homepage.

Once you have purchased your course, there are three steps for you to go through in order to getting started.

  • Step 1 is logging into the academy
  • Step 2 is selecting the course from your profile
  • Step 3 shows how to use the course’s homepage so that you can start training.

The first step is when you log into your account from the Academy home page.

  • On the academy homepage, you will want to scroll down the page until you see the login box, shown here on the right side of the screen.
  • If you are viewing this page on a phone or a smaller tablet, you will need to scroll down the page to see these username and password boxes below the instructions on how to use the academy.
  • Once you are here, simply type your username and password into the boxes shown and click the login button.

There will be two ways that you will know you have successfully logged in.

  • The first is if the login window switches from showing the boxes, to displaying your name and the welcome message.
  • The second is that you may be automatically redirected to your profile page, which is what we will talk about in step 2.

During the second step:

  • Select the “profile and courses” option in the menu bar.  This is the page where you will be able to see all of the courses that you have available to you.
  • When you look at your profile, choose the course that you need to work on by clicking on an any area within the box.
  • This will take you to the course homepage.
  • Opening the course homepage takes you to step 3.

In the third step, you will be on the course homepage, from here you can:

  • Receive any updates or notifications that we have for you.
  • You can download the student handout.
  • You can get a quick overview of your course progress.

From the course homepage, this is where:

  • You can navigate through the course using the table of contents.
  • In the default view, you can scroll to see each lesson in the course.
  • In order to see the modules that go into each lesson, click the “Expand all” option above the top right corner of the course’s table of contents.
  • Choosing to expand all will let you see all of the lessons and modules in one view.
  • This is the view that we recommend you using to navigate through the course.

We build and design our course using two levels of structure.

  • There are modules, which cover the individual topics taught in each video.
  • There are lessons, which are groups of modules.
  • You can see the lessons that have been completed by observing a green box with a white checkmark next to the lesson title.
  • Completed modules have a green circle next to the module title.

To pick up where you left off:

  • Scroll down the page and find the first module that has not been marked complete by a green circle.
  • By clicking on the module title, you can pick up where you left off in the course.
  • With this expand all option clicked, you can now move through the course at your own pace from one module to the next by completing each module and each lesson.

These three steps are what you need to follow to move from purchasing a course, to starting your training.

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