The material here in the Tactical Analysis course is focused on the “locate” piece of the mission of a Marine Rifle Squad – to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy.  What you do once you’ve found the enemy, the criminal, the insurgent, the terrorist, or who ever you are trying to stop.

I stumbled upon a site today after getting a bunch of views coming from it and wanted to pass it on.  Take a look at Suarez International who provides marksmanship training among other things focused on how to win fights.  I haven’t gone through a course, so I cant vouch for them personally, but after looking through their Warrior Talk Forum, I’d assume that their large number of followers is a testament to the benefit from one of their courses.  You have to create an account to view the forum, but it’s free, so don’t worry about signing up.

Locating the enemy is only the first part of the equation – how ready are you to take action and stay left of bang?