Biometric Cues

October 26, 2011 in Assessing Individuals

Biometrics cues are uncontrollable bodily reactions to some type of external stimulus. These uncontrollable reactions are caused by the limbic system. When the limbic system perceives something as a threat it sends out a rush of hormones and chemicals that will have an affect on our body. As we get older we start to recognize some of these effects and associate them to emotions. If someone is mad you would expect to see flared nostrils and reddening of the face because that individual is preparing for the freeze, flight or fight response.  The more an individual has to hide their true emotions, the more that individual will stand out. Theses are just a few indicators you would see amongst others that would be very easy to see as well. To the trained observer you can pick up on not only body language but biometric cues as well.
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