We wanted to send along a brief note of thanks for the continued support during the month of February.  We had a great month working with our clients and also had the chance to present our ideas via webinar through our partnership with the FBI Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association.  We included some more highlights from the month below.

Left of Bang Update:

We passed a major milestone in February, garnering the 250th Amazon review of the book, “Left of Bang.”  In February, Amazon received 24 reviews of the book and all were extremely helpful in spreading our message.  Thank you to everyone who has let us know they have read the book and for those that have taken the time to review it for others.  We appreciate your support.  Here are a couple of recent excerpts from Amazon reviewers:

“I love the concepts introduced in this book. It takes some ideas that have always been fairly intangible and nebulous and defines them well enough for day-to-day use. You don’t have to be in the Marines to get the full benefit of this book. The concepts work just as well at the mall or in a business meeting…” – Verified Purchase

“10-years in the military and 10-years in federal law enforcement and I wish I would have had this book from day one. A very good read.” – Verified Purchase

“This book describes how the USMC applies behavior detection to combat. It is descriptive and instructive and after reading you will have a solid understanding of the techniques and how they can apply in your everyday life. Whether you are in business, law enforcement, military or any endeavor dealing with people you will indeed benefit from this book.” – Verified Purchase

CP Journal in the News:

On Thursday, February 25th, Patrick Van Horne was the featured speaker in a webinar hosted by the Boston Chapter of the FBI Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association.  The webinar had over 1000 registrants and a large portion of those that registered chose to join the session, which touched on the content that we deliver to our clients and specific techniques that anyone can use to help recognize potential threats.  We recently posted an extremely detailed recap of this webinar, with an included transcript and Q&A.  We hope to have the replay available soon as well.  You can find the post here.

Also in February, The Virtus Group added Patrick Van Horne’s WINx talk to their YouTube page, making it available for everyone.  You can find the link to the talk here.  Thank you to those of you that have reached out in regards to this talk and the impact it is having in the law enforcement community.

We also want to thank Robert W. for his review of “Left of Bang” on his website.  Here is the link to his comments and you can also follow him on Twitter via the link in his name.

As we mentioned last month, we realize we can’t always recognize everyone that has sent us notes in our e-mail (training@cp-journal.com) and on our twitter feed, we do want to take this time to thank everyone that has recognized us and the work that we are doing.

CP Journal Training 

We continued to grow our online training universe of students in February, which includes individual online students from the US and abroad, and also institutional level relationships with organizations that make our Tactical Analysis Program part of the larger training picture for new hires and existing personnel.  To those organizations that have chosen to train with us, thank you for making our training programs part of your processes.  We always invite any questions from training leaders and risk management professionals that are looking to implement a program like ours company-wide, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line to learn more about options.

CP Journal – On the Road

In the month of February we were on the road a bit and got to see all kinds of weather.  While we are away we try to stay fairly active on our Instagram account.   Here are some of the spots we had the chance to visit in February:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • New York, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Atlantic City, NJ

Thank you to everyone who helped make a successful February possible for us and please never hesitate to contact us directly if there is ever anything else we can be doing to better support you.