“Business is the art and science of providing uniquely attractive opportunities for other people.”

– Greg Glassman

I dont have the ability to embed the video here, but this is an awesome video of Greg Glassman presenting his thoughts about how he started CrossFit and built a brand that changed the game for the fitness world.   If you’ve read the articles that have been posted the last couple of Fridays, you know that these are geared towards starting your own business.  Starting a business gets you closer to recognizing the behavior and actions that criminals take.  Recognizing their behavior means you become more effective.  If you’ve taken the challenge to start a website or start a business to see the world through their eyes – listen to what Greg says in this video.  Create value for your customers and strive for excellence and the rest will fall into place.  Simple and straight forward.

Here is the link to the video – it is definitely worth the 12 minutes to hear his thoughts on running a business and creating value for others.  I can’t take credit for finding the video, Rick Gonzalez who writes for us and has a great article about how to learn more effectively in the soon to be released CP Journal sent this to me and I couldn’t keep it to myself.  Take a look.