Recently I got to have a short conversation with Joe Navarro, author of What Every Body Is Saying, which you will find at the top of our recommended reading list.  Whenever possible, we want to put you in touch with information direct from the experts in their field to give you unfiltered information and there are a couple things from the conversation that I wanted to pass on to you. 

1. First off, he contributes to a blog hosted at Psychology Today, which I have found is a great source of information.  He applies his body language observations through analysis of current issues, how to use body language in social settings, how to use it in without countless ways to apply your observations, as well as different terrorism related issues.  You can also find his posts here.

2. I found one post titled “Body Language vs. Micro-Expressions” where he breaks down the importance of observing the entire body and not focusing solely on the facial expressions a person is displaying. For those of you that have come through the Combat Hunter course know that the focus of our Kinesics class is based on drawing conclusions based on body language indicators that are being displayed from the feet to the shoulders, without going into great depth on the face.  One reason behind that is the fact Marines need to be capable of making these observations from an observation post 300 to 500 meters away from an area, and at this range, identifying micro-expressions isn’t going to happen.  Understanding what the face reveals is a great source of information, but it should be used in conjunction with everything else occurring on the body to make the most accurate assessment about the person’s emotions and intentions.  To see the whole post, follow this link “Body Language vs. Micro-Expressions.” 

3. At his website, you can get a free copy of his bibliography if you sign up for a free membership to his site.  This is a list of all the resources and references that he has used in his writing and his books.  Many of these books are on the recommended reading page at our site, but if you want more, check it out.

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