It has been a while since I have linked any videos from www.ted.com, but I love this video and think this video is fitting for many of you who visit this site. Many of you have been through the Combat Hunter Trainer Course, which also means you hold a position of leadership in your units, whether that is as a fire-team leader, squad leader or platoon commander is irrelevant, just that you are a leader.

The first reason for posting this video is because Simon Sinek does a great job of explaining why the leaders that you have had in the past, those that inspired you and caused you to revere them were able to separate themselves from those “leaders” that were never able to get you completely on board with their plan.

As leaders, you are continually selling your vision to your Marines, inspiring them to push through the next tough training evolution that will ultimately get them ready for combat. As you watch the video, think about the “why” message and how you can tailor that to your audience. Think about how you can use that to make them believe in you as the leader because of your message – since it wont be due to them believing in the systematic or logical progression of your training schedule. That is what they need as they get ready for a combat.

There is another reason though that I like this video. Simon Sinek understands the human brain and how he talks about it, applies to profiling as well. By learning about the emotional elements of our limbic system, we can tailor how we talk to people by using the same knowledge that we have gained to analyze their body language and predict their behavior. Having a higher level of knowledge, in this case about the human brain, means that you don’t have to fight on a level playing field, you can use that knowledge to be more effective and more persuasive.

Leading, profiling and life are designed for the thinking man, the one who keeps searching for a better understanding. That is where success comes from.