Q: I am thinking about taking an online course but I’m not sure if I will be able to learn as much as I would if I were in-person?  Can you shed some light?

A:  Because we offer our training programs both in-person and online we often get asked about the online learning environment and whether it is right for you.  The short answer is that sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.  If you are the type of person that needs the physical environment to fully understand and grasp new material then online learning could pose a challenge.  One of the biggest challenges to online training is that there is no community of students physically in a classroom with you, no teacher/professor at the front of the room to answer immediate questions, or stimulation of people around you to help enhance the learning process.  However, there are benefits to training online.  Based on the feedback we have received from students in our online learning courses, here are the top three reasons people like learning online:

  • Flexibility – Our online learning courses offer students the ability to learn at their own pace.  There are no requirements to be on the computer at any designated time, so whenever you have time to log in and go through the material you can do so.  Because you are controlling the flow of information you also have the opportunity to go back and listen to the information over and over again.  Often times in the physical learning environment, teachers may talk fast and students often miss important course content. When learning online, you can control the material and pause or rewind whenever you feel the need to clarify the information.
  • Media Use – Our online courses incorporate many forms of media to help enhance the learning experience.  We use real world photos, videos, blog posts and web links to reinforce the content.  By using real videos and photos we are able to break down the concepts we teach and then incorporate examples to help further the learning process.  As an added benefit, once students complete our Tactical Analysis Basic course online, they can continue to reinforce their learning by revisiting our website, Behavioral Library, and blog for updates and curated content.
  • The Feedback Loop – In a traditional classroom, the syllabus is set at the beginning of the year, a curriculum is followed, and an exam completes the course.  By delivering content in an online format we have learned that we can continuously enhance the course as we continue to get feedback from our clients.  Because we have trained students on the material, gotten feedback from those students, and analyzed the data of their results after the course, we continue to make enhancements to the course even after it is officially rolled out.  Because of this feedback loop we will continue to enhance our courses to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.