Ebooks and Article Collections

After writing a number of articles about a topic on the site, we often go back and consolidate them into a single downloadable PDF for easier viewing.  Here are the collections we have available.

Being Faster Than Your Enemy

This collection features an article that highlights the process used to identify the attackers in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing and how "familiarity" and "comfort" can be the anomaly in an area with negative atmospherics.

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Article: Observing On The Fly

Making observations while on the move can be a challenging task, which often forces people to limit the behaviors they are searching for so that they can still search everyone. This is one way to do that.

Article: One For Contact, One For Cover.

When you engage in conversation, your awareness of what is happening around you often decreases, but with a well-trained partner to provide cover, you can ensure you remain safe,

Creating Order Out of Chaos

This collection of articles features a series of articles about how you define the human terrain. While characteristics about the physical terrain have been able to be easily communicated for a long time, three of the articles in this Collection are focused on ways to improve how we discuss the human element to our baselines.

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Article: Priming Your Brain: A Guide To Learning

Providing an overview of the brain's connections, this article shows how physical activity can improve its function.

Articles: Two Follow Up Articles on Defining the Human Terrain

If defining the human terrain was easy, it would have been done well for years.  But since it hasn't, this collection offers multiple viewpoints on how to do it well and how to do it quickly.

Perception and Reality: A Lethal Divide

How well have we actually secured the areas we are tasked with protecting? Have we truly made them safer or have we just done things that make it look like we have improved security? The answer, unfortunately, isn't always that clear. This collection of articles is focused on helping us objectively assess our actions, and make lasting improvements to our security.

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A Focus On Anchor Points

When we establish areas where there are insiders and outsiders, how well we keep the "outsiders" out is what lets the "insiders" feel safe and comfortable.  This issue has two articles relating to the establishment of anchor points and how we can identify them.

Penetration Testing Our Anchor Point

Once our anchor point has been established, our final article discusses the use of "Red Cell" techniques that can help us assess the strengths and weaknesses of our security by viewing it from the perspective of the criminal trying to get in.

Threats Inside the Wire: Preventing Green on Blue Attacks

In 2011 and 2012, the risk of a member of the Afghan National Security Forces turning on their American military partners went up significantly. How do you identify "insiders" who have a violent intent? This eBook was written to help the members of our military deploying to do just that.

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Finding Common Ground

While the environment the military operates in overseas is  different than many other professions, not every aspect of the "Green on Blue" threat is. In order to take something that appears unique and make it more manageable, we start by finding the similarities to other risks.

A Direct Application of "Left of Bang"

Since Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps' Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life was written for any setting, it requires readers to translate the concepts to their world. This eBook is designed to apply each of the behaviors to the Green on Blue threat.