This past week I had the honor of getting to speak at the Illinois Tactical Officers Association Annual Conference. As the threat of ambushes on law enforcement continues to grow, being able to talk to the officers who make up the organization about how the concepts in our book, Left of Bang, can help ensure their safety beyond simply “armoring up” was incredibly rewarding. It was exciting to be part of such a great line-up of speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds, all pushing forward with the common goal of providing officers with resources to make them more safe on the job.

As is often the case at conferences, I had the opportunity to be introduced to many like-minded professionals. While there are a number of new blogs and books that I will be
taking a look at in the coming weeks, one resource that I wanted to pass along is a blog about recognition-primed decision making run by Fred Leland, the co-author of Adaptive Leadership Handbook: Law Enforcement and Security. I’ve only had the chance to scratch the surface of the website at this point, but there is no shortage of free resources that relate to decision-making and training available for anyone to read through. You can dig into them at:

My personal highlight of the week was to be able to meet Al Mampre. If you aren’t familiar with the name, he was a medic with E Company, 2nd Bn, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne division, the unit that the book and HBO series Band of Brothers was based off of. To be asked to sign a copy of Left of Bang for someone who jumped during Operation Market Garden, was incredibly humbling.

We want to thank all of the attendees that stopped by The CP Journal booth to talk to Jonathan and I or to pick up a copy of Left of Bang. We certainly are looking forward to coming back out to the Chicago area in February for more training. If you attended the conference but didn’t sign up to receive information about that training, you can contact us to learn more.