Everyone has things that they are afraid of, or concerns that they can’t seem to shake. We don’t always have the ability to control those things or those fears.  For instance, my girlfriend commutes into New York City every day, using a series of mass transit stations that have long been the target for terrorist attacks.  Last fall, I watched a very public workplace shooting unfold on national news just down the street from where she works.  I also have a younger sister who lives just outside of Boston and who was at the Boston Marathon the day of the bombing. As we watch a rising number of shootings and attacks occur in public places that we used to consider safe, such as malls, the office, schools, movie theaters, and events, my concern for their safety isn’t going to go away.

As I began to look into what resources are available for women when it comes to learning safety, I quickly saw that much of the training was limited to what to do once an attack has begun: self-defense, martial arts, using pepper spray, or carrying a concealed weapon. Every “solution” that I found was a “right of bang” option. The fact that only “right of bang” options are available to women gives the impression that attacks on women are not preventable. This likewise gives the impression that the only way to empower women is to help them defend themselves once an attack has started. This is simply not true, and I personally can’t stand that answer.

No one should feel like they don’t have control over their own safety.  Women can learn to make the same observations to recognize threats before an attack begins that were once exclusive to deploying members of the military and police.  We refer to this ability as getting left of bang, being able to identify the pre-event indicators that are present in people’s behavior and in the environment that provide the time and the opportunity to avoid the confrontation in the first place.  A fight is the least preferred option.  The best chance of surviving an attack comes from avoiding that conflict all together.  With the ability to identify predators ahead of time, this is not only possible, but is well within your reach. I know that many of the readers here have wives, girlfriends, sisters, aunts, cousins, or daughters, who they worry about.  You also probably wish that they were more aware of their surroundings, and want to make sure that they can ensure their own safety.

Our Tactical Analysis program, while geared towards those who work in the defense, law enforcement or security industry, apply provides the foundation in observing human behavior, assessing a person’s intentions, and the ability to recognize potential attackers, in a way that is tailored for them.

Take a look at the courses in our Academy and help get the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that you and your family has done everything you can to identify attackers and ensure your own safety.