We are proud to announce that our Tactical Analysis Basic Course is now available to purchase online.  This class teaches students how to analyze uncontrollable elements of human behavior and identify potential threats before they attack.  Whether your concern is specifically identifying the active shooter, ensuring officer safety, or becoming more effective in your profession, assessing human behavior allows for observers to recognize those who stand out from the crowd, and to prevent shootings and attacks from ever beginning. This Basic Course is the foundational course that the Tactical Analysis program is built from.

It’s All About Choice

We know that the professionals who make up the security, law enforcement and defense industries are busy.  Crime and war doesn’t take a day off when you want to go through training, which can make it difficult for you to take a day away from the job for an entire day at a time. By learning online, you are able to progress through the lessons at your own pace and at times when you are able to completely focus.  Each video and each unit is approximately 15 minutes long, allowing you to determine how far you want to move through the course each day.  The power of choice is in your hands when you go through an online class with the content as well.  It can be frustrating when you want to take a note during class or an idea comes to mind about how you can use something that you are being taught, but you only end up missing something else the teacher is saying.  By learning online, you can pause the video to take notes, rewind the video to hear something a second time, and pause the video when we are analyzing a picture to spend as long as you need to observe the behaviors being taught.  Because each individual unit is on its own webpage, we are able to complement the video lessons with articles from our blog that give you the control to dig deeper into the content that interests you the most.

We Owe It To You

We receive requests every week from members of the military, law enforcement and private security industry for classes to be taught in their area, and we hate that we can’t say yes to every person who wants to learn.  With the class being available online, anyone who is driven and committed to excelling in their professions can learn and not be limited based solely on their location. Nothing should prevent you from having access to the resources needed to learn to read behavior, recognize threats, and ensure for your own safety and that is the benefit of the Basic Program.

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