Help Video #5: How do I ask questions while taking your class online?

January 18, 2016 in Training

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BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) – Here Are The Most Basic Answers To This Frequently Asked Question

  • Can I ask the instructor a question while going through the online class? Yes.
  • How do I ask those questions? There is a link in every module that lets students ask a question via email.
  • Who will answer the question?
    • If the question is related to the content being taught in the program, the instructor will be the one who personally answers the question.
    • If the question is technical in nature or related to the learning management system platform, a member from our support team will be the one to provide a response.
  • How long will it take to get a response? That answer depends on the depth of the question. Every question will be responded to or acknowledged within 24 hours (on business days). If the question requires a longer/more developed answer than what can be generated in that time, the students will be notified that the instructor needs more time to provide a thorough/complete answer and will be in touch as soon as possible.
  • What happens if the answer provided doesn’t actually answer my question? We keep going until the topic becomes clear and the answer provided has actually solved the problem the student is facing.

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