When it comes to identifying what it means to be a professional, we certainly aren’t the experts.  There are some out there that have done a great deal more research, have put in more thought, and written more about history’s warrior elite than I could ever attempt.  We willingly give credit where it is due.

Take a look at Steven Pressfield’s blog on the “Warrior Ethos.” Or, better yet, get the book.  His research on what it means to choose the life of the warrior, utilizing stories and examples, is humbling.  The blog has excerpts from the book, and it talks about those who have fought from the time of the Spartans to modern day Marines.  He touches on Alexander, the Israelis, and provokes thought by asking if terrorist and mobsters have earned this title of warrior.

Even if you are a veteran of multiple deployments and have already earned the title of professional warrior, Warrior Ethos will provide insight into your peers throughout history.  If you are just beginning your military career, there is more inspiration per page in this book than most others.  Either way, it is certainly worth the read.

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