Last December, I wrote a series of posts that discussed the Green-on-Blue threat that our servicemen and women face while overseas. I wrote those posts after losing a friend in an insider attack and wanted to provide methods to identify the Afghans seeking to attack their American partners. Those articles quickly became our most read series.

After deciding to consolidate the articles into a single e-book, we took the time to not only do some much needed editing, but also to expand upon on the topics and provide additional examples of how these concepts can be used to reduce the risk posed by insider attacks.  The goal of this to book is to prevent violence from occurring through early recognition.

I once heard former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Marine General Peter Pace say that if you don’t like your environment, you can either change it or learn to operate better within it.  The Green-on-Blue threat that our nation’s military faces requires that we do a little of both.  While we can’t completely eliminate the threat our military faces when they are outside the wire, learning to work within the constraints inherent when collaborating across cultures can help us reduce the threats inside the wire.  This e-book is designed to tell you how you can set the conditions needed to reduce the risk of these attacks and the observations you can make to take charge of your own safety.

These concepts are not limited solely to military life overseas either. Our nation’s law enforcement officers, corporate security directors, and those responsible for protecting our neighborhoods, schools, office buildings, and malls can apply the concepts and principles discussed in this book to improve the quality of safety they provide. Understanding what type of behavior causes people to stand out from the crowd, how to observe and communicate those cues, understanding what might cause a person to respond that way and techniques to bring that behavior to the forefront are applicable across the security industry.

To download a copy of the “Threats Inside The Wire – Preventing Green On Blue Attacks” e-book, visit the CP Journal Library