We are excited to be partnering with the Illinois Tactical Officers Association and the Cook Country Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to offer a one-day course on Tactical Analysis and Threat Recognition in February. For those that are eligible to attend, we have included some of information needed to register and an overview of what the class will cover.

Our programs provide officers with a framework for assessing the environment and the people around them, give them a rationale for why they do and don’t make certain decisions, and lends overall support for the process that officers must use to help keep people safe. Taught in the context of preventing officer ambushes, the course discusses the observations to recognize threats and the language to articulate the reasons why a person attracted your attention.

More details on this upcoming course and more information on the work we continue to do with law enforcement can be found below.


Additional Information

A huge thank you continues to go out to the law enforcement community for the work that they do and for supporting our programs.