A refusal to quit.  Stories with that element can make you consider the actual meaning of the word awesome, and this one is no different.  Not awesome in the way it is used in everyday language, but something that is awe-inspiring.  That feeling you get when you see a person doing something so incredible and overcoming such extreme odds that you can’t help but be humbled and admire. Romy Carmago is awesome.

In 2008, CWO Romulo “Romy” Camargo was shot in the back of the neck on his third deployment to Afghanistan, paralyzing him from the neck down.  Facing conditions and adversity that many people would consider to be insurmountable, he pushed forward.  Instead of giving up, he started the Stay In Step Foundation to create a recovery center for those dealing with spinal cord injuries in the Tampa area. In his own words:

Nobody expected me to live. But I did.
Medical experts told me I would never breathe without a ventilator. But I do.
Doctors said I would never again be able to walk or use my arms. But I will.

That is the drive that veterans can bring to a community or a business – unwavering perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.  While starting a business isn’t an easy process, if there is anyone who has the commitment to see this through and succeed, this would be the group.  If you want to help Romy and the Stay In Step Foundation out with a donation to get their recovery center off the ground, here is a link to their donation page.

Never Forget – Never Quit Romy.  Good luck.