Here are some articles that we’ve been reading and wanted to pass along:

1. “Billy Beane on Making Better Decisions, Challenging Entrenched Thinking, and Avoiding Biases.” A great article from “Farnam Street” about the answers that Billy Bean gave during a conference this past April.

2. “Why You Can’t Buy A Car On” An article from “Now I Know,” about how Uzi Nissan, the owner of Nissan Computer, was sued by Nissan Motors over a website domain name and why you can’t buy a car on

3. “Don’t Try To Fake The Language.”  Talking in clichés and choosing words that you wouldn’t normally use doesn’t make you look like an insider, it causes you to look fake.  This article from Brad Feld is about the need to just be you when speaking.

4. “CEO Shadow For A Day.” An article posted on Brad Feld’s site from Zach Rosen, the CEO at Pantheon about his experience shadowing another CEO.  The takeaways are easily applicable to any field and learning from peers outside of your organization.

5. “Moving to where the price is right.” Having relocated the company from New York City to Boulder last year, this article on Urban Land about why people are leaving large cities and moving to smaller medium-sized cities caught our attention.