Here are some articles that we thought were worth passing along:

1. An article from Fred Wilson at about the value of changing your perspective after spending a winter “On the Beach.”  If you don’t change your viewpoint every once in a while, you might always see the same things.

2. An article from Mark Suster at about “What You Can Learn From A Scorpion.”  He talks about what happens with startups when their big established competitors decide to crush them.  There are a number of parallels to the life of protectors, police officers and service-members.

3. Here is an article from James Altucher about “What Happens When You Don’t Care.” Here are 6 things that he learned and changed in his life when he stopped caring about things outside of his control.

4. “How Boulder Became America’s Startup Capital.”  A look at some of the history that has allowed Boulder, CO to have 6x more high tech startups per capita than the nation’s average, and a wide range of businesses across a number of industries.

5. “The Nerd’s Guide To Learn Everything Online.” A great TED talk video by John Green about how online education can change the way those seeking to better themselves can learn.