Here are some articles we read this week that we thought were valuable and wanted to pass on for your 4th of July weekend:

  1. This past May, the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing released a report with their recommendations for police officers and departments to improve the level trust between the public and law enforcement while effectively reducing crime.  While their six pillars are discussed from a strategic perspective, they are concepts that we feel officers should be aware of.  You can find the report here.
  2. The Matheny Manifesto, an open letter from a baseball coach to the parents of his athletes, has garnered a bit of a following lately as it lays out not only his expectations for his 10 and 11 year old players, but also the parents.
  3. A research article from “Risk Analysis,” about the behaviors and judgements of terrorists in choosing their targets. While many sources discuss the target selection process as a perfectly rational process where only the target that provides the biggest payoff at the lowest cost is chosen, the authors show the role that emotion plays in this process and how satisfactory targets are chosen over the best available option.  You can download the article from the journal here.
  4. Here are 10 things that James Altucher learned from Richard Branson.  Leading off with the premise that “all successful people started off knowing nothing,” he shows why he is learning how Branson built his business.
  5. Looking to start a career in private security?  Here are some tips from Ed Hinman, the director of recruitment, selection and training at Gavin de Becker and Associates.