Our site has moved.  Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, but it was time to make the change.  When we first launched the site, we had a pretty narrow focus for the articles we were writing.  Our audience consisted of primarily the Marines who had already come through a Combat Hunter course and were looking for follow on resources to keep learning before they deployed.  With that audience, the name Combat Profiling made sense.  To a Marine who had already learned the basics of behavioral analysis, the words “Combat Profiling” were synonymous with getting left of bang and identifying an enemy who was hiding in plain clothes.

It didn’t take long though for us to realize that there were professionals from other fields spending time on the site.  Soldiers attending the Army’s ASAT training were finding us through search, police officers were getting referred to us by colleagues, corporate security officers were signing up for subscriptions to our Journal and numerous other people interested in learning about behavior were reading our articles.  As I transitioned out of the Marines and stepped into the business world and began talking with potential customers, I began to see that the words “Combat” and “Profiling” didn’t project the same image as it did to Marines.  The negative connotation of the words began to detract from the purpose of the site and limit the learning opportunities that we could provide our readers.

The goal for our site has always been very clear to us: provide the best available resources to our nation’s protectors so they have the ability to recognize a threat before the attack occurs.  That primary goal has always been the most important to us; increase a person’s survivability by providing the ability to separate the enemy from the crowd he hides amongst.  As we look to build partnerships with other experts in the field, companies, online training sites and writers, the need to rename the site became more and more apparent.

The big change is complete – moving the site to the new URL.  We are continuing to test and check the site for any errors, but if you notice anything wrong with any of our articles, images or videos, please contact us so we can fix it right away.  The rest of the cosmetic changes will be minor and hopefully won’t be noticeable to you, but feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

With the new site address comes new opportunities to learn the benefit that behavioral analysis can provide.  For our Journal subscribers, you will see weekly development videos added to our Journal pages beginning this coming Monday (6/3).  These will offer the chance to practice your ability to observe and communicate what you are seeing in real world environments.  If you experience any problems logging in to your account, please let me know as soon as possible so we can get the issue fixed.

For more free resources, visit our new Webinars page to sign up for our free monthly webinars.  On Thursday June 13th, we will be hosting a webinar about school safety and active shooters. Register today.

Thank you for reading and if we can help in any way, please get in touch with us. Get Left Of Bang And Stay There.

Patrick Van Horne