While we can’t specifically say that the Tactical Analysis Program would be a perfect fit for your organization without a better understanding of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish, the short answer is yes.  Our programs here at The CP Journal teach lessons that any sales team can use regardless of sector or industry. Because we teach an observational process, that process can be applied to any environment, and much of the feedback that we get from the general public that learn with us is that it improves their overall confidence in every interpersonal situation they find themselves in.

One of the large challenges that sales teams often face, especially when they’re made up of less experienced professionals, is a lack of confidence. There can be numerous reasons for this, including a lack of trust in product or service knowledge, minimal experience, competitor knowledge, pressure to succeed, and universal uncontrollable instances, like whether or not their clients like them or where they stand in the sales relationship. By putting your sales people in a position to fully understand everything that is happening around them at all times by utilizing a process to observe all of the people they come into contact with, they will be more confident in all situations because they will be able to eliminate some of the uncertainties that they typically encounter on any given day.

For example, let’s say you are covering a new sales territory and have to go to a large function filled with people that you have never met before. By understanding how to determine the collective mood of the room and then how to observe the groups of people in the area, you will quickly be the most aware person in the room. By developing these skills you will be able to quickly assess what your own body is telling you about the room, who is comfortable with the setting, and who is uncomfortable. These observations can help you determine who to talk to first and put you at ease with your own place in the environment. The skills that we teach in behavioral analysis can apply to the various scenarios that you may find yourself in every day on a sales team including one-on-one situations, small groups, and during large seminars or speaking engagements.

Secondly, our training programs clearly articulate and define soft skills that are typically deemed innate.  In our experience working closely with sales managers and sales training professionals, they usually assert that the people on their team that are best at the skills that we teach simply just “have it.” Furthermore, those that don’t “have it” will not be able to learn it. In our experience, this just isn’t true. Because we clearly define a process of observing and interacting with people, we offer a teachable way to develop these skills for the people that lack them and a system to enhance the abilities that they are already good at it. The feedback that we hear from experienced people that are already very good at what we teach is that they realized they had the skills already, but weren’t sure exactly how to repeat the process over and over or how to explain it to other people.

Lastly, the programs that we teach are very different from traditional sales training programs. With so many other things that sales managers have to worry about on a daily basis, like metrics, results, recruiting, and compliance, we fill a “soft skills” training gap that is usually hard to fill. Many of the organizations that we work with typically conduct traditional sales training programs that include role playing, consultative sales skills training, open-ended question practice, product training, and more.  People get fatigued with the same training and material over and over, which is often repetitive and lackluster. The topics and concepts that we teach are interesting and engaging because they are based on the universal signs of human behavior that are present all of the time. Your team will be able to apply this program to any existing sales processes and in their every day lives.  Because our courses are based on principles developed for the U.S. military, they are new, fresh, and engaging, offering a lens through which to look for effective sales results.

If you are interested in learning more about our availability for speaking engagements or training programs, please contact us directly at training@cp-journal.com. You can also learn more about our team and how our experience applies to your industry or market. Check out our full bios here.