Positive Atmospherics is the sense that a person has about a situation or place that makes them feel that the area is secure.  The feeling that an area is safe and non-threatening will often be assessed intuitively from the collective mood, emotions and behavior of everyone present.  This will likely be the first thing determined upon entering a new place, only after this initial assessment is completed should a person analyze the sub-components (below) that led to that decision.

Using The Profiling Domains

Individual Behavior (Kinesics and Biometrics)

–       Expect to see the Comfortable cluster as people should be open and unthreatened

–       Expect to see the Interested cluster as people should be engaged in whatever they are interacting with

–       There will likely be mild Dominant, Uncomfortable, or Submissive cues.  If it is in a moderate intensity, there isn’t an anomaly as people are presented with unknown people and objects.

Groups Of People (Proxemics)

–       Groups should be open and welcoming.  As groups close off, they no longer present an unthreatening appearance, they become less welcoming and can be perceived as intimidating.

–       The relationships between people should be valid, meaning “intimate” relationships are confirmed by the closeness the people are together as well as comfortable cues (not expecting to see dominant cues or “anomaly” relationships)

Environment (Geographics and Iconography)

–       Could be either a habitual area or an anchor point

–       Positive messages in Iconography

Using Other Indicators

Noise Level

–       If area is loud, it is in a happy or energetic manner.  This could include a lot of laughter

–       If area is quiet, it is a calm quiet and isn’t out of fear or uncertainty

Activity Level

–       Either high or low activity level, but comparison to baseline is required


–       No “broken windows” showing that the people take care of and take pride in their area

–       Rule of law obeyed

–       Groups act orderly, not in a hostile or chaotic manner

–       Overall sense of security