Whether your goal is to use behavioral analysis to improve your business or ensure your security, dedicating time to further your ability is the only way to enhance your skill-set

The articles in this list are chosen to provide you an overview of the courses we offer and the key points of each individual domain.  This will provide the context that will help you dive into the information that we will provide in the other posts on the site.

Break The Complete Program Down

Start At The Beginning – The Demand For A Better Way

The Evolution Of Combat Hunter.

 Fast Forward To The End – How To Use These Skills In Conversation

Closing The Deal in the Boardroom, the Battlefield and the Bar 

Hit The Key Points – Assessing People Coming Towards You

The Ugly Side of Proxemic Pulls

Why That Is Important In Real Life – Workplace Violence Example

Empire State Building Shooting – Raising The Stakes in Workplace Violence

Build From The Ground Up

Start With The Foundation – The Six Clusters For Individuals

Dominant vs. Submissive

Uncomfortable vs. Comfortable

Interested vs. Uninterested

Put Individuals Into Context And Into Groups

Breaking Down Group Relationships

Proxemic Pulls

Understand How the Environment Affects Behavior

Are All Habitual Areas Created Equal?

Natural Lines Of Drift and The Least Effort Principle

Assessing Positive Atmospherics In Disney Land

What Makes Up Positive Atmospherics

What Makes Up Negative Atmospherics.

Analysis In Conversation

Motivating A Prospect To Buy

Getting The Conversation Started

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