We are excited to reveal the new logo for the site and the coming The CP Journal.  The “Lenses” is a design is anchored around a series of three hexagon shaped lenses.

  • Each lens is a six-sided figure that represents the 6 Domains of Observable Behavior, and becomes the lens through which we view our environment.
  • There are three lenses in the design as the information gained through the domains allows an observer to make assessments about an individual person, a group of people and the environment that surrounds an observation.
  • The inside lines of each lens are a different color to show the relationship between the domains and that neither lens alone is sufficient to make an assessment from. Only when a situation is observed through all of the lenses and domains does it begin to provide true meaning.
  • The connecting lines between the lenses represent the Rule of Threes that we use to build our clusters and identify anomalies that rise above and fall below our baseline.
  • Each line entering the lenses from the outside world represents the seemingly infinite amount of information that we could observe, but when analyzed through the lenses allows an observer to find true meaning, focus on the indicators needed to make a decision, and get Left of Bang.

CP 2 Logo Black and Red

I always want to give credit where credit is due and I’m really happy to have chosen Scott Harrison of five5six design for this project.  Scott is a soldier on active duty and has been a long time reader on the site.  When I first approached him about designing a logo, it didn’t take him long to create the lens concept from the ground up and get an initial set of mock-ups sent over.

I couldn’t be more pleased with what Scott created and certainly recommend him, and five5six, to anyone looking for graphic design work. Take a look at his work on his company’s Facebook page and Twitter page to see what else he has done.  His website (here) is undergoing an overhaul, but you’ll be able to find his information and his complete portfolio of work on the site as soon as it is complete.