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We are here to help prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

Our Mission

Getting left of bang requires that people have learned how to quickly read behavior, realize what is part of the baseline, what isn't, and be ready to act.

We are here to help our students learn what it takes to get left of bang, how to do it, and how to master the skill so that it is available when you need it.

Our Co-Founders

First meeting as fellow-athletes in college, Jonathan and Patrick teamed up nearly 15 years later to build The CP Journal.

Patrick Van Horne

After serving as an infantry officer in the Marines for seven years, Patrick started The CP Journal, serves as the CEO, and co-authored Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life to help a larger number of people learn what is needed to keep our country safe and prevent attacks.

Outside of The CP Journal, Patrick volunteers with Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization. Patrick lives just outside of Boulder, CO with his wife, two kids, and his chocolate lab.

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Jonathan Smith

Joining the company from the finance industry where he built his career as a sales team leader, Jonathan spends much of his time supporting our clients and partners. As the company’s Director of Business Development, he has led the effort to transition and apply the behaviors and processes developed for the military into business settings.

Outside of work, Jonathan is a world-traveler, fantasy baseball champion, and veteran triathlete. Jonathan lives in Philadelphia with his wife Amanda and his dog Biggie.


Our History

August is 2011
First website launched

First website built to support graduates of the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Course

October 2013
First online courses offered

The initial version of the Tactical Analysis Online Course was made available to students

July 2014
Left of Bang is published

Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life is released

November 2017
The Practice Section Is Opened

Video exercises and exclusive content become available for students pursuing mastery

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Information on speaking opportunities, partnering with and sponsoring The CP Journal’s products, and our parent company.

  • Speaking, Interviews & Media Requests

    Each year, we allocate a pre-determined amount of time for presentations, conferences, and interviews. While it prevents us from saying yes to every opportunity that comes our way, this approach allows us to balance the benefits of presenting to your audience with the time required for us to grow our business.

    If you would like a member of the The CP Journal team to speak to your organization, at a conference, or for your publication, please reach out to them by email:


  • Partnering With Us

    Organizations and individuals interested in partnering with The CP Journal or pursuing joint ventures should reach out through email to:

    While we evaluate each opportunity based on how it aligns with our priorities and mission. We promise complete confidentiality, honesty, support through the process.

  • Sponsorship Options with The CP Journal

    Businesses interested in sponsorship oppportunities with The CP Journal should reach out to us by email to:

    Our weekly newsletter, blog and resource pages, and learning platform are available for sponsors to reach our growing audience of security professionals, police officers, members of the military, and business professionals from around the world.

  • Who Owns The CP Journal?

    The CP Journal is owned and operated by Active Analysis Consulting, LLC, a consulting company that helps organizations design their business strategies and processes based on informed assessments of human behavior, and prepare to respond to the crises our changing world present.

    Since we believe that to give advice or recommendations requires a consultant to have skin in the game, all of our approaches are first tested and implemented by The CP Journal.