We have updated our resources that you can use to observe behavior in our practice videos and while out in public.  The new documents have all the clusters for assessing individual behavior, the different group relationships, assessing geographic areas, identifying leaders, people familiar or unfamiliar with their surroundings and the collective mood of everyone present.

We have three options for you to access these:

1. From our library, you can download the “Cluster Cards” which have all of the indicators in a format that prints these observations into a 5×4 inch card, which fits perfectly in the back pockets of your pants or in a cargo pocket while in the field.

2. From our library, you can download the “Behavioral Observations and Cues” document that has these same indicators on full sheets of paper, making desktop viewing easier. It is printed in a larger font, so if you are doing most of your practice at your computer, this is likely the better option.

3. ON YOUR PHONE. iPhone users can open www.cp-journal.com/observations in safari, and using the arrow button on the bottom of the screen, can choose the “Add to Home Screen”option which puts an “app” that sends you directly to the page on your phone’s homescreen. The page is set up so you can quickly find the information you need to make an observation or assessment by expanding on only the section that is important to you.